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About Ann and Working Wonders.


My name is Ann Bryant. I live in Kent on a working equestrian centre and farm with my  family of four boys and my partner John.

In my twenties I went through emotional, personal and upsetting times that sent me on a progressively deepening and downward spiral. However, I got on with life, working, looking after the children, but I always had the feeling that something was missing....

I went back to college and given my love for and natural affinity with horses I trained as a riding instructor. This gave me a new lease of life, but I still had the sense that I needed to continue my self development at both a personal and professional level.


 I decided to seek  help and went to an NLP practitioner. This was a turning point for me. I was inspired to make changes both personally and professionally,  and with help from my NLP practitioner I was able to rebuild myself and my life.


Allowing myself the time in the NLP sessions, to explore my thoughts and beliefs gave me the opportumity to rediscover my true self. I now know Ann again!

I have now made it my aim in life to help and support others to understand that we all have the freedom and choice to use our voice. By giving ourself the time and opportunity we can begin to identify ways to reach our true potential and fulfill our dreams. 

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