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Our workshops cover a wide range of subjects. All of the workshops are approximately 2 hours long and include: shared discussion, self reflection and hands on experiences with the horses. We deliver these elements in a safe, non threatening environment where everone is treated respectfully at all times. We have a strict confidentiality policy. Please take time to look at some of the workshops we offer. More information can be provided on request.


Recognising and identifying personal emotions.

This workshop explores our emotions and considers how we can recognise them and work with them positively. it will raise awareness of different feelings that impact on wellbeing and identify strategies to deal with unconfrtable feelings.


Individual rights and responsibilities

This workshop explores the importance of individual rights and responsibilities, it considers the need for individuals to understand how each of us is a bigger social group and considers the roles we take within groups, e.g. school, family, etc


Confidence/self esteem and resilience

This workshop helps us understand how self esteem develops

and concentrates on identifying positive personal qualities and building a healthy self esteem.


Communication Skills

This workshop explores how we manage relationships and considers ways which we can make and sustain positive relationships. It will identify assertive communication skills and explore how we can use them both in our personal and professional life.



All workshops are approx 2 hours this includes the time spent working with the animals.


We offer lots more workshops throught the year, if the workshop is not listed please contact us as we are able to offer workshops specifically tailored to your needs.




we are holding a workshop on October 10th 11 till 1

Please contact Ann for more deatils, limited spaces

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