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  • miss smith (Friday, October 17 14 02:00 pm BST)

    im a 30yr old single mother,who like 98percent of you all out there ,have had more than my fairshare of upset,heartache,truma/over the years.
    Around a year and a half ago now I met mrs.Ann Bryant(who over that time has become one of my dearest friends)
    Ann and her lovely family run there own equestrian centre ,Tenoaks.
    Not only is Ann a superb riding instructor ,but shes also a qualified NLP practiciner and specialises in equine theropy!
    Due to horses being my longest passion in life, and a keen rider myself,and having to have years of therapy,imediately I found myself rather intreeged at the the thourt of combining the two
    so in October 2014 I attended a Working Wonders building self esteem and confidence work shop. And I can honestly say im so glad I did !!!!
    I was toatally blown away by my experience, not only by the way it was excercuited, but also by how much knowledge I gained. I learnt about how to cope when faced with anxiety and panic attacks
    learnt more about myself and why I sometimes behave the in which I do at times,i learnt to see situations in other ways than just my own, and although I've always known what amazing animals horse s
    are, but even more so now. There truly amazing, clever, spiritual intuitive soulful animals.
    My experience with working wonders is one that ll stick with me for life.ive booked in for the next workshop ,and so should you!!!
    Working wonders is a charity run scheme that Ann has set up for helping people in the community, when attending each workshop your ll be asked for a donation ,I donated £20,but id of happily of
    payed£40!if your finding life's stresses a little to much to bear then take a leap of faith and find out for yourself, what have you got to loose?!.Thank you so so much Ann xxxx

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